And then there was silence….

by | 1. January 2020

Here at the first day in a new decade the city of Copenhagen is especially silent. the people are still sleeping or walking and talking softly.

All the Christmas preparation and celebration are now over and so are all the excitement of saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020. 

We have build up more or less a week of different of traditions and ceremonies with friends, families or alone. It has been a busy time and a time filled with expectation, hope and dreaming.

  • Today is the first day in the rest of your life – everything can happen!
  • Today is a day with reflection, what will all the new bring you and me?
  • Today is the best day to write down dreams and wishes as your own guide line the next months, days, hours and moments.
  • Today is the day with time to be silence and enjoy moments of nothingness and possibilities 


Today is the day where I am filled with joy and gratefulness of all that DID happen in 2019 – All the creative moments and project that was shaped by needle – thread – love and passion. And the biggest of project of them all – MY FIRST BOOK!! 

To create a book from scratch is like caring and giving birth to a baby – so my first book is my third child (hopefully with out any teenage issues – haha) and wow what a magic feeling it is and has been to watch everything grow and come alive.

Curious about my first book – third child? Read more here

Today I am silent, happy and still full of new creative ideas to bring to life during this new year.

Thank you for following my work it means a lot to me and give me fuel to continue this journey.

I wish you a very happy new and creative year.
With love and gratitude

Karenmaria Poetical Artist.

Crafting is bigger than just making; it’s about community. It is about coming together with friends to learn, share and connect.

I can guide you how to be your own poetical artist, unfold your creativity and let new ideas grow into all kind of beauty.

My name is Karenmaria and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. From here I love to travel around the world to explore new places and connect with people.

Embroidery is my passion and profession -from here I explore the art of being mindful with needle and threads.

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