Are you ready for a new stitch fairy tale story??

by | 2. February 2020

After accomplishment my first book I have been in a kind of small embroidery intermezzo, but only for a very short time.

The first ideas for a new embroidery fairy tale are already written in my notebook, my creative brain is unstoppable just like a popcorn machine – haha – can you imagine that? 

This whole weekend I have had time in my own creative space with felt, thread and needle – it has been like a small holiday – relaxing and joyful.

And now I can present the first embroidery to the next stitch fairytale story
“The Nightingale” by H.C.Andersen.

There are still some hours of work left (and I am sure you know a few hours means 50hours  ) before it will become a deep blue lake in the forrest where we meet the nightingale for the first time in the tale.!

If you like to know more about my first book, follow the link and get the details.

The little Mermaid – the book

Happy creative Sunday,
Love from Karenmaria

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