The Little Mermaid

In the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”, we follow the main character's encounter with infatuation, the difficult choices of life and the changing winds of fortune, and we see how, in the decisive minute, she chooses selfless love and consideration for the loved one over her own life.

Thus, she wins herself an immortal soul.


The Love Is Growing

Inside The Book

You Will Discover...

The Little Mermaid

the first part of the book tells the tale of "The Little Mermaid".

The story holds many fine details and angles of life, introducing issues relevant to modern-day life as we know it.

It can be read over and over again as new layers emerge for your reflection.

Creativity Flow

Do you ever feel like your brain does a *mental block* for all your creativity and you just end up watching random TV?

Wouldn't it be a HUGE life changer for you to re-gain your inner creativity or boost your current?

Learn how to unfold your beautiful creativity once again in this book.

You Are The Center of The Story

The Poetical Artist does her best to make sure you feel included every page of the way in this fairytale and creativity-filled magic book.

Brew yourself a cup of stimulating tea, fire up the fireplace and make yourself super-comfortable.

Enjoy an authentic Danish "hyggelig" experience.

About the Author

Karenmaria | Poetical Artist

Karenmaria lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From here she loves to travel around the world to explore new places and connect with people.

The flowers in her garden make her grounded.

It takes time for each seed to slowly grow and become colorful plants.

As the Poetical Artist, she loves to follow these cycles of nature and enjoys the progress. She has two adorable children - her true biggest achievement. Everything she does – she does for them.

This love is simple yet powerful.

"Embroidery is my passion and profession -from here I explore the art of being mindful with needle and threads."

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