Do Tango – Healing and Embroidery have anything in common?

by | 23. March 2019

Years ago I read the book “Eat, Pray and Love” by Elisabet Gilbert and was very amazed about this woman who took action to change her life and followed her dreams to make them come true.

Maybe you know the story too and wish to do the same one day?

The story is like an modern fairy tale and the Hero’s journey.
– this is mine….

A personal development that begin after/during big changes in life – a break up – loosing job – enormous stress or lot’s of other things can kick start this kind of journey.

The hero has to follow the path into the darkness (often your own) and deal with 3 challenges (dragons, evil sisters or toxic apples) before the magic and new insight happens.
That is the basic structure but with endless of variations some more dramatic than others.


I was in the middle of a life crisis and I knew something needed to be done if I wanted new things to happen – but how and what?

Then I meet the argentine tango and out of the blue a new world opened to me and my life was changed forever.

As a modern single mother taking decisions all the time and used to do everything by her self the role as a follower in tango was really difficult.

  • I had to be quite in my mind and body
  • I had to listen to the leader with both mind and body
  • I had to feel the music, the rhythm and steps
  • I had to be grounded with all my human being
  • I had to allow not knowing what was going to happen
  • I had to let go and receive
  • I had to improvise from moment to moment

The dance brought me (and still do) so much happiness, joy, learning and new people into my life. And at the same time it also showed my own darkness – things that had to be worked with. The tango was my mirror and my therapy.

Slowly I learned to relax more, feel my body and listen to my inner self. It was time to quit my job and travel to Buenos Aires – the heart of Tango.

I have been to Buenos Aires four times now – each and every journey a magic and transforming time, and looking forward to go again one day very soon I hope!



When a new lifestyle has started one thing often lead to another…for me the tango lead me to Reiki Healing.

I had never tried og heard about this kind of healing, but again it was time to step into something unknown.
I became a healer and after one year I open up for clients.

To be connected with this energy gave me a deeper understanding for what was going on around and inside me. I became more grounded and open minded at the same time – I could be silence for hours (and for people that know me also know how difficult that can be 😉 ) and just be mindful in the present moment.

Still working with my dancing and the art of being aware in every moment, tango and healing melted together to one never ending kind of mindfulness.

One evening I realized that now it was time to wake up my old profession EMBROIDERY and use it as my living…I came home, but on a new level.



I had spent about 4 years with tango and 2 years with healing before I was ready to open up my box of creativity and embroidery. From one moment my joy, passion and exciting about how to explore my skills was so powerful and new embroideries was created with deep pleasure.

During the slow work that embroidery is I understood that my mission in life was to inspire, motivate and teach others world wide to be creative.

  • To be creative just for the sake of the joy of creation.
  • To slow down stitch by stitch and feel the mindfulness by doing
  • To kickstart the inner innovation
  • To use the feminine skill to create balance between yin and yang energies
  • To allow the inner child to be playful
  • To tell stories with stitches
  • To create beauty for the soul


-this is my story of self development and making dreams come true…

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Love from the Poetical Artist, Karenmaria


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