Embroidery on a stormy day

by | 28. October 2017

Somehow very funny, because I am working on the next part of the fairy  tale
“The little Mermaid by H.C. Andersen”
in the dark part of the story where the Mermaid in love meet the Sea Witch.

During this embroidery – with the storm outside,
I also have a look inside and meet my own shadow side – the monster in my personal fairy tale life…..

To create a good story as a poet, you need to make lot’s of drama, so the reader can feel the excitement under the skin and just want to continue reading. I think that is why old fairy tales are still going strong.

A fairy tale is like the Hero’s journey a real adventure, where the Hero (the Prince, Princess or YOU?) leave the known world and discover the unknown world.

It is a journey filled with challenges and conflict to test the Hero. The tests will show the deepest fear and weakness and try to destroy dreams and visions. (I guess you have tried that in your own life?!)

Every test will be more and more extreme. The Hero has to find the way through these trials the only way of personal development to find inside strength and power.

The battle between the dark and light side can begin…..it is time to find the most powerful weapon like
The fight or trial is the beginning of the Hero’s transformation facing the dark and create something a new reality with hope, knowledge and freedom!


Every time I startup a new fairy tale embroidery a new personal process begin. I go a bit deeper into the characters and discover new parts of my own life and feelings – a way to express and explore the Hero’s journey.

That is where I find the magic in story telling
-being fearless and explore the monsters
-finding the path to love and joy.

Every stitch comes with a story – today in the middle of a storm and darkness – tomorrow with beauty and lightness!

Learn to create your own fairy tale with my online Embroidery course “The Princess and the Pea”
-be playful and feel the pleasure of crafting – stitch by stitch.

Here is your way to wonderland….


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