Fantasy vs scientific world – can we live in both of them?

by | 5. December 2019

I guess you are a little bit like me since you are reading along.

A modern human living in a high technology world where we know everything about anything…like…

  • how to travel to outer space and walk on the moon
  • how every inch for the world map is looking
  • how to heal people with modern medicin and incredible operations
  • how to measure and figure out details with all kind of scientist

we know – we know – we know

And I am amazed and thrilled to live in a century that is much easier and comfortable than my grandparents.
I love to read and listen what dedicated people develop through big studies and experiments and with big passion, to make the world a better place for most of us.


I also like the opposite world – the fantasy universe filled with a lot of mystery and unknown facts.

I love to dive into the fairy tale world with fabulous creatures and characters. A timezone out of normal – where all the natural laws and science are on standby.

Here I can use my imagination unlimited, my emotions can be touched more deeply than normal and my dreams can grow enormously.

It is also in this world my creativity can be unfolded in new ways, here everything is possible.

In this special space I work with an interesting combination of inventive thinking – where I turn upside down and rethink the normal way of needlework and together with my designers mindset I create poetical embroidery with a fine touch of magic stardust.

Can we live in both kind of worlds with out loosing ourselves??

From my workplace I use both worlds wonders every day – the magic creative fairy tale universe together with the technical devices greatness to spread the stories and images to you all around the world – that is actually the real world of magic….

Would you like to take a time travel to the special space of creativity and fantasy?

Then my new book is a good place to begin…you will get the magnificent old fairy tale
*The little mermaid* by H.C. Andersen and an introduction to my way of working with creativity and embroidery so you can get started on a new adventurous journey…

Put on your best swimsuit and dive into the wonderful ocean of imagination…..see you among the mermaids!

Ready to visit the little mermaid?

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