How a breakdown and U-turn can change your day…

by | 5. April 2019

Friday morning – a sunny spring day and almost weekend.
My kids were sent to school and I was ready to go for my day work, everything was just like a normal day in a normal life.


Half the way to work I had to drive into the side and stop the car.
Out of the blue I was knocked out of a sudden sadness and tears was running unstoppable down my face…


The last six months have been filled with one challenge after the other – a long big chaos – were I on the good days had taken smiling selfies to remember the joy and use them as my own statements….many other days I have been with a wild look in my eyes and more or less a female version of Jack Nicholsen from “The Shining” …I think you get the point of intensity…


The physical reality is often a reflection of the inside battle field of the good and bad guys.

I do not know about you, but life is a continual work with my inner dark sides – sometimes they look just like the horrible step sisters, a toxic apple, a fire-breathing dragon or a cruel witch ..

My weapon is soft gentle healing through embroidery


The slowly work with hand embroidery is a way of healing. You allow the mind to have a break and give the body and soul  the possibility to work peaceful together and restart your whole system.

Embroidery and Creativity is the “secret room” where the batteries can be recharged with power from your inner source of female ancient genes. Through handcrafting this muscle can be trained and little by little it is possible to get faster and larger entrance to the power of CREATION. In the beginning it will be visible in the embroidery work later the good vibes will be spred out in other part of life


A room for playfulness and improvisation – here you can create without any form of perfectionism or high expectation. In this breathing spaces creativity and visions cab be unfold in your own timing – this is your SWEET SPOT

A COMMUNITY for likeminded people

The creative workflow is an organic way of growth – it will never be a linear leaning path. That is why a society with other embroidery enthusiasts is great. Here everyone knows the feeling of joy or frustration during a project and can give you support and/or high five on the journey. Together we can lift up Embroidery and Creativity to a new level!


Now slowly after all the intense feeling the tears have disappeared and I am ready to enter my CREATIVE WORKSPACE  and enjoy the magnificent sweet spot with happiness, playfulness and mindfulness.

You are welcome to come along…
Love from Karenmaria

Mindful Embroidery Masterclass

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