Learn to stitch the story of your life

by | 3. December 2019

H.C. Andersen the danish poet that during his life had a hard time to be respected as an artist and writer, but today is popular all around the world. That man really did understood what storytelling was about….

During his years in Copenhagen he managed to have weekly free dinner appointments around in the city by flattering the upperclass. He paid with his good company (not all agreed with that) and storytelling after dinner. It could be some of his poets or most likely small scenes from the daily life in the streets of Copenhagen.

Try to imagine how Copenhagen was in the middle of the eighteenth century. A small city with a mess of buildings and filled with:

  • all kind of noice and dirt from the animals (hense, horses, cows, pigs, cats, rats, dogs etc)
  • Horse-drawn driving over the cobblestones
  • Yelling sales people at the market place
  • Drunken sailors – playing kids – musicians – work people and high society all and everything in one big mix.


In this everyday inferno H.C. Andersen walked around and noticed peoples behavior with an open mind and curiosity.
He used his eyes and ears to pick up the small dramas that always was going on.

All his impressions was added extra emotions, personality and a touch of magic and suddenly the ‘normal life’ became a new story with sadness/humor/love or new perspective of life.

The Little Mermaid and the Poetical Artist

As an artist I work a bit like H.C.A in todays more modern Copenhagen I walk around and see the details of the city life I am a part of. It isn’t the people and drama I’m most interested in but more the fine old ornaments, the combinations of colors, the structure in buildings or a beautiful flower in the park.

I collect all the inspiration and use my embroidery as word in the storytelling. I take out a moment or a feeling and create a small piece of textile artwork.

The book of the old fairy tale “The little Mermaid”  is a combinations of H.C.A’s storytelling with words and mine with embroidery.
Here you can enjoy the story and illustration but also find inspiration how to begin your own journey of creation and learn to stitch the story of your life.

Order the book and enter the world of magic

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