Mindful Embroidery


Become a Happier and SUPER Creative Woman


You've got amazing creativity inside you.

You've been feeling it in your fingers and your daily routine lacks that special something - something just for you and you alone, right?

But you've been putting it off for months - even years - because it seems so overwhelming and you probably do not have the time for it anyway once you get started.

I 100% understand you.

I used to feel like that before.

... and that's why I want to take you by the hand and show you that you can create a space for your creativity, so you have a personal mindful room for yourself to go to every-single-day, while creating something amazing that you will be proud of.

What you can expect when joining

Mindful Embroidery Masterclass


Finding new exciting embroidery inspiration can be a hassle. I will help you every month getting new inspiration for your next piece of art!


You have two choices.

You can keep going through videos on various social media that kinda does the job, but never truly fulfills your needs *oh, a funny cat video!*

Or you can let me guide you through an adventurous and mindful experience to develop your craft as an embroidery (s)hero!


You already know how heartbreaking it can be to be half-way through your embroidery only to be stopped by some bugging little thing.

Imagine how A-MAZING it will be to be able to sit down and talk with other women daily, who really "gets you" and how you feel.


When you had a long day of stressful tasks, caring for others and a list of never-ending errands - it's time.

It's time that you take a few deep breaths, let your mind unwind and have some REAL YOU-TIME, where you feel complete and at ease with your body and soul. 

Here's What You Get!


Video Library With Special Techniques

Don't waste your time. Get to the real point!

I know how it feels to get stuck on YouTube™, browsing 56 minute long videos that - AFTER YOU'VE WATCHED 53 MINUTES - turn out not to be what you wanted anyway. 

In MEM, you get 15 bite-sized videos that in a calm and easy-to-follow tempo shows you every single technique you need to master.

  • Calm tempo, so you don't feel stressed, miss a stitch or "fall behind".
  • Watch and re-watch as much as you want/need!
  • 15 techniques so you can create (pretty much) anything new and unique! 

Value: 15 x $27.50 = $412.50


9 Unique Projects

No more searching. It's all gathered for you!

You just finished your newest creation. You're proud, you're happy, you're done.

Now what?

When you join, I promise you that you won't be out of new embroidery projects for a good long while!

  • Blue Mandala
  • Flower Mandala
  • The Lovers
  • Streets of Copenhagen
  • Colorful Mandala
  • The Coffee Warmer
  • Light as a Feather
  • The Bohemian Mandala
  • Free as a Bird

Value: 9 x $25 = $225


Detailed "Recipes"

Your PERFECT creative foundation - newly revealed!

I nearly gave up again and again, because even though the instructions I got were great, they needed some foundation.

You'll get grandma's "secret recipes", so your embroidery gets a strong foundation to build your creativity on!

  • Detailed text descriptions
  • Images to guide you
  • Illustrations for extra helpful visual guidance

Value:  $81


Closed Community

You'll never be alone again. Join us!

The big problem with embroidery is that you never seem to be able to connect with other creative souls - just like yourself - on a deeper level, right?

Not to worry. You'll be a part of a closed embroidery community that will 

  • Closed Facebook Group - #MasterCreatives only! (we don't want all the spammers and advertisers to ruin "our space", right?)
  • ​Free support and help. Always.



If you act today you also get:

My very special meditation designed to boost your creativity and optimize your own grounding.

A beautiful way to combine the meditative work with your hands, thoughts and heart.

Worth $39

TOTAL VALUE: $757.50

Reserve what you deserve!

Choose the Mindful Embroidery Masterclass Plan best for you.


Only One Payment of



You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Do you need help or have questions?

I would love to help you with anything your heart desires.

Everything is online.

Learn on your terms.

You can learn and participate from

anywhere you want, anytime you want!

Everything you get is completely online, so you don't fall behind if you don't meet up at exactly the time of release or miss weird schedules.

The programme is designed for you to get involved with your craft in a mindful and positive way.

You are in control of when it is time for you to sit back and go deep into developing your creativity.

Special Support.

- Every step of the way.

You are never alone. 

Always only one *ping* away.

My name is Karenmaria.

I will be your personal guide and friend through your creative development inside the magical art of mindful embroidery.

You and I will be going on a (x time) adventure together - really together! - that will completely transform your hard coded willingness to be creative into actual physical and heartfelt creations - made by you!

You can always reach out to me - I'm here for you. Every step of the way.

7 Really Good Reasons For You To

Start Your Creative Life



The immersive feeling of material between your hands, the sound of the needle moving through the fabric and the never ending combinations of amazing colors will give you a heightened sense of emotions and feelings.


You Get happier with embroidery

When you work with your passion in your own creative space or together with likeminded people,your focus will be on a positive track and your will start smiling much more, this will certainly benefit those around you!


it is satisfying to be a creator

You enter a new world of opportunities and when you have made some kind of crafting yourself, the joy is unbelievable!



When you have first startet on creative embroidery you will automatically begin to develop interest for other kind of creativities. Suddenly it makes sense to take more photos or always bring your notebook in the back to draw or write down new ideas or find details you discover on the way.

A never ending flow of creative inspiration will get in to your daily life.


MINdfulness by doing

Embroidery takes time and you have to slow down and work with both of your hands - stitch after stitch. Little by little your body or/and mind will relax. Breathe in and breath out and your thoughts can be focused on the creative work and problems can be left behind. Feel how you get more calm and find a new inside peace.


have fun and never feel bored

With creativity in your daily life you will create a super healthy addiction in your life and always be working on projects that excite you and make you feel like a better person.



In my world we are all creative.


We just need to open up and be more curious, exploring and then enjoy the learning of how to do crafting. Then, after a short time the creativity will be an important and automatic part of your life.

If all Mindful Embroidery Masterclass

did for you was...


Gave you AMAZING projects to work on straight away...

... And also showed you how to find inspiration for new creative embroidery projects...


Made you feel much happier and joyful - every single day - so you could enjoy life with more colors and creativity...


Bring a higher sense of mindfulness and relaxation into your daily life, so you feel less stressed about work, family and what else fills your life jobs and gigs.


Save you ENDLESS amounts of hours searching

for "How-to" videos on YouTube all-freakin'-day and "embroidery inspiration blogs".

Would it be worth it to you? :)

Reserve what you deserve!

Choose the Mindful Embroidery Masterclass Plan best for you.


Only One Payment of



You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Do you need help or have questions?

I would love to help you with anything your heart desires.

30 Day 

No Questions Asked

Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don't feel your life is improving, and this class makes it easier for you to create beautiful embroidery within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Have Questions?

Why is it so cheap?

It is my vision to help as many creative souls find greater happiness in their lives through embroidery, as I know first hand how big of a difference it makes in your life.

Yes, I could have decided to make it a $1,000 investment like most courses, but that would mean you might not get to enjoy the fruits of my work.

I want you in, too!

My work schedule is odd. What if I miss a video?

The answer is fortunately: You won't!

Everything is recorded for you, so you don't need to worry about missing out on anything.

This program is designed for you to be able to discover the magic of embroidery in your own tempo - however fast or slow that may be :)

I'm not very technical. Can I get help?

Oooh the machines and their infinite power to confuse!

Even though the program is very simple to follow, you might stumble into technical issues.

You are always only an email or cry for help in the Private Facebook group away from personal help.

I'm right here for you!

Reserve what you deserve!

Choose the Mindful Embroidery Masterclass Plan best for you.


Only One Payment of



You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Do you need help or have questions?

I would love to help you with anything your heart desires.