One of those days when your heart is filled with joy

by | 30. January 2020

One of those days is TODAY…

I was sitting in my cozy studio in the late afternoon when this amazing book Review was postet on Instagram by a good friend of mine.

My heart just jumped a little faster after reading this and then I was sitting totally filled with GRATITUDE and JOY in all my body. It is really special to create and publish my own book and follow the journey out in the world.

I would like to share the poetical words from Philipa Eriksen with you…


When Karenmaria Margareth and I first met in 2017, this book was just a vision. Here it is in all its fruitful glory. What a manifestation of the heart!

I know Karenmaria ships her book worldwide. Just contact her in a personal message, if you are as hooked on the combination of mermaids, embroidery and mindfulness as I am. Read on, and learn more about her business below👇🏻

Creativity is another word for magic. Karenmaria knows this intimately. In her business she teaches other creative creatures, who may have forgotten their own magic, how to make their craft come alive.


As a poetical artist, Karenmaria Margareth uses her embroidery skills to illustrate fairytales. In this book, The Little Mermaid – Creativity Flow & Mindfulness training, she introduces handicraft as a mode of connecting you to your presence.


The book comes with a translation of Hans Christian Andersen’s interesting spin on the classic mermaid tale (not available on your regular Disney Channel) and an easy step-by-step instruction in embroidery to get your own creative juices flowing.


I am beyond excited to share Karenmarias work with you. I regard her as one of the rare true diamonds, who delights in her creative, feminine flow with respect for its gentle rhythm as well as its stormy seas.”


……Isn’t that beautiful??!!!

If you would like to follow Philipa on her life journey – here is the link to her IG profil:

And here is more information about the Fairy Tale book with a touch of embroidery magic
Buy the fairy tale book

With love and gratitude

Karenmaria Poetical Artist.


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