Do embroidery with the passion as a tango dancer

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Poetical Artist - Embroidery & Creativity

Embroidery – the meditative slowness of creation is my passion and artwork.
I love spending endless hours surrounded by colorful fabric and delicate yarn.

The craftsmanship clears the mind from the busy traffic of thoughts, and after hundreds of French knots, I feel sweet and soft like a marshmallow.

BUT to avoid me falling off completely and ending up as the sleeping beauty passive waiting for a prince with a magically wake-up kiss – who knows if there are any princes left 😉

I have to activate my senses and body flow. And the secret tool to change the energy level is Argentine Tango – trust me, it’s a great way to learn how to take the lead in your own (embroidery)life… !!!

I have been a social dancer for several years as follower (the female part) and that is my favorite role. But when it comes to the art of taking action I take classes as a leader (the male part) – always beginner classes to review and practice

  • the basic steps 
  • improve the balance inside and outside
  • pay attention on the music
  • feel the connection with my dance partner
  • and make the embrace nice and full of trust.

Just with a handful of basic steps I can improvise and create a dance, it can be a soft slow tango or a funny dance with high speed.

I lead first of all from my heart and then together with the rest of my body and imagination.
From here the true passion and playfulness begin.
The tango is like a short story and a conversation between me and my dancepartner – everything can happen during the dance when we follow the music and the dance flow.

The tango experience and learning is always a mirror in my embroidery work.
Once I am familiar with the basic techniques, the possibilities of creation are endless.

I take the lead and follow the music of the stitches. I play around with the shapes and colors, feel the inspiration and connect with my artwork. 

This is my way to enjoy the mindfulness work in a combination of flow, passion and energy.

Take the first steps into the world of embroidery with the basic stitches and learn how to feel the rhythm of the creative music and improvise your own dance of needle work….

I am looking forward to welcome and guide you.

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