When you do what you love it feels like…..

by | 4. March 2020

When you do what you love it feels like…..


It is not the candyfloss you know from child, do you remember how the sugar was sticky to both your fingers and teeth??

This sweet light pink and a bit romantic embroidery
is like candyfloss in an other way

  • The colors soft and delicate just as the what you have tasted,
    but now it is sweets for your eyes…
  • French knots and pleats are making an uneven structure and surface,
    that your hands would like to feel in real…
  • Maybe you can almost hear the sound when the needle and thread is working through the crispy silk? it is almost like the well known crystallized sugar…
  • How does it taste?? Well I guess rather dry 😉
Would you like more fairytale embroidery?

After a days work behind the computer my mind really need a break and my thoughts needs to not be on instant overload of work.

Mindfulness embroidery
Mindfulness by doing

Needlework and crafting are easiest way to let go of all the busy mentally work and instead find inner peace or just a few quiet moments.

Do you feel the same way??
I would love to hear what embroidery means for you and what can of joy it bring in to your life.
You are more than welcome to text me back ❤️ or share your thoughts in the closed Facebook group you can join in the link right here:


This pink embroidery is showing my work progress to the story
*The Nightingale* by H.C. Andersen.

It is a slowly work as you probably already know yourself, but now I will continue and create fairy tale flower…enjoy your day and your crafting

With love and gratitude

Karenmaria Poetical Artist.

PS My first book

“The Little Mermaid – Embroidery & Story Inspired By Hans Christian Andersen: Creativity Flow & Mindfulness Training “

is also filled with lot’s of embroidery and details. You can see much more in the link below

Fairy tale book on Amazon


Last week I received this review on Amazon – trust me, my heart was jumping of joy and gratitude.
This is truly magical when social media can bring joy to books and embroidery around the world!!

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