Why a moment of silence in my daily life is important…

by | 24. April 2019

How to enjoy some quiet time everyday….

I do not know about you, but in my reality life (the one that is not showed on facebook and other SoMe platforms) I am actually very often in lack of time.

From sunrise to dawn the hours are filled up with task to be done, appointments on and offline and a never ending to do list – all mixed up with thought about the past and the future…

My mind is overloaded
My body is exhausted

Give me a break
Give me a moment of stilness
Give me time for reflection

Time to relax
Time to let go

Everyday I find time 15-30 minutes at least with a moment of silence and enjoyment of creation.

The creative embroidery space is my own sacred room. 

Slowly the needle and tread begin their work
stitch by stitch my breath is getting deeper and more free
knot by knot my mindset is changing from stressfulness to mindfulness
loop by loop my imagination open up to an unlimited world of creativity

I feel lightness
I feel happiness
I feel peacefulness

Now it is time to enter the wonderland of embroidery…
would you like to join me??

Mindful Embroidery Masterclass

The Artist and Teacher

My name is Karenmaria and my homebase is Copenhagen, Denmark.
My vision is to explore the mindful and playfulness through my embroideries and follow the flow in all kind of creativities.  

The flow is my key to be a creator and inspire you to begin the journey of creation.

I wish you a wonderful day with Creativity and Joy,
Love from the Poetical Artist – Karenmaria

Poetical Artist - Embroidery & Creativity

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