Do you remember your first kiss??

by | 30. November 2019

Once upon a time – that is a typical beginning of a fairy tale. But before anything can be once upon a time – there have to be a first time.

  • The first kiss
  • The first fairytale
  • The first book
  • The first embroidery

Do you remember your first kiss of love??

To be honest I don’t (but I do remember the last one 😉 ) ….anyway the feeling of a new beginning, the excitement sparkeling love in the body and big dreams you would do anything to make them come true – these feelings I know all about.

In the fairy tale of The little Mermaid we get the story of the mermaid’s first love and learn how long she would go for love – how much she will offer to get her dreams true.

Even though the story is more than 150 years old, then the power of love and personal transformation are the same as today. That is why H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales still are filled with wisdom for both kids and adults.

I love to read his stories and dive into his fantasy world – every time I understand a new layer of life a little bit more.

My very first book is the beautiful love story of The little Mermaid illustrated with my poetical embroideries as inspiration for your imagination and creativity.

The first time – is always a very special time – so it is with a deep gratitude I welcome you to my world of fairy tale embroidery.

Get the Fairy tale book here

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